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In April 1994 more than one million mostly Tutsi as well as moderate Hutu Rwandans died in one hundred days of highly organised genocide.
A government desperate to cling to power scapegoated the minority Tutsi population in a way similar to Hitler's attempted genocide of Jews.

The main difference was that the intention of the then Government was to mobilise the whole population to engage in the genocide.
Most world powers have been notably silent during and since the genocide in racially biased apathy and or fear of political backlash from voters in their own countries.
This genocide event is the only known case of perpetrators and victims co-habiting after the killing ceased.
Like ripples in a pond, the effects of the genocide continue to spread and affect Rwandans both inside and outside of their country.

This site carries a brief history of the leadup to the genocide and a precis' of the genocide itself.

The stories of some of the survivors are chronicled herein and so also are the hopes and aspirations of those same survivors.

A Rwandan Refugee Support Group (RRSG) in Southern Tasmania, Australia is assisting a small community of Rwandan genocide survivors in that State to build a sustainable community about those already present.

The Support group is also working alongside the Rwandans to assist survivors still in Rwanda to gain an improved quality of life which is presently extremely diminished.
Please read on, be informed, be shocked, be saddened and be inspired by people who persist against overwhelming odds to strive for reconciliation, restoration and justice after one of the great catastrophies of the Twentieth Century.