Welcome to the Rwandan Coffee Club.

By purchasing products through the Club you are changing the lives of genocide survivors in Rwanda. Widows, often HIV positive or further progressed, orphans who missed education.

Projects the Coffee Club is contributing to are, firstly provision of basic livelihood necessities, a cow or goat for basic sustenance and secondly to improve income earning potential. Vocational training for the kids that didn’t have the luxury of schooling as their growing years were fully occupied surviving. (100,000 households were headed by children from as young as 7 years old after the genocide).

Genocide survivors in Australia have contact with survivor organizations in Rwanda who can guarantee that all funds donated reach the intended recipients.

Make your refreshment work twice, once to refresh yourself and again to refresh the lives of marginalised and traumatised genocide survivors.

Club together to make a difference!

View our quality range of Coffee and "refresh yourself and refresh Rwanda!"

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