How can I assist?

1. Donations. All donations to the Club are gratefully received. Use our secure PayPal facility online or post.

2. Buy Club coffee and or tea through our site. We will market excellent quality Rwandan coffee and tea when it is practical to purchase container loads. Meanwhile we are supplying premium coffees and teas from other developing nations, Fair Trade or Rainforest Alliance where possible.
The proceeds of sales and donations go towards projects within Rwanda which directly benefit genocide survivors. Vocational education and health are extremely high priorities.

Customers who purchase $100.00 or more in one order receive free postage of their product as and when they require. Simply e-mail, phone or fax (or carrier pigeon if you prefer) and advise when you would like a portion of your order mailed. We will keep tabs on the balance of your account and advise when the last shipment occurs and invite a renewed order.

3. If you feel moved by the tragedy in Rwanda to help more substantially then you might like to host a Rwandan tea (coffee) party. The object being as well as socialising, to spread information about the genocide thus being a part of working against any other genocide event in the world and to encourage others to help through purchase of Rwandan tea and coffee through our web site.

We will send you a kit containing coffee samples and suggest an easy series of steps to help you to share the genocide story. All you need is an espresso coffee machine and an internet connected computer.

The web site is a helpful tool to get the message across and the rest is easy, there is no hard sell, the quality of the product speaks for itself.

Now for the fun part. There are some perks for the hostess/host.
For each new Club customer, the hostess/host receives 200g coffee or tea, free
There are more inducements. Each five new Club customers introduced entitles the hostess/host to a gift of a traditional Rwandan Tutsi cultural craft item.

You could provide your years supply of quality tea and coffee just by having a few friends over. Just contact me about hosting coffee/tea party.